Premex+ seamlessly integrates with the service you are already providing to your clients and will provide a central hub for all your medico-legal needs.

Benefits of Working with Premex+:

A Tailored Service

Not all clients and circumstances are the same, that’s why our dedicated and highly knowledgeable team takes a tailored approach to each case. Our ability to match clients’ need with a service is one of the key strengths that makes us an industry-leading medico-legal service. We get the importance of understanding your requirements from the outset so that we can deliver what you need in a timely and cost effective manner.

Knowledgeable and Experienced Team

We are proud of our Premex+ team and their unrivalled knowledge and experience in handling complex and challenging cases. On average, our case handlers have five years’ experience within the business. Optimal quality is assured via our robust management framework and auditing programme.

Clinical Nurse and CMO Knowledge and Experience

Should you need it, we also have in-house clinicians to support you in choosing the right expert for your case.

Highest Level of Data Security

Your sensitive information is protected by our internationally recognised ISO 27001 certification – the highest data security standard available. 

Deferred Payment Terms

We understand the disbursement costs of running a complex case, that’s why we offer deferred payment terms to support you in managing claim costs. We pay the expert directly to further help reduce the administration and cost burden on your practice.

Experienced and Reputable Expert Panel

We have an extensive panel of actively practising as well as retired medical experts covering all specialisms. Our dedicated expert liaison team continually manages and monitors this panel so you can be assured that you are receiving the best service possible. We can also recruit any preferred experts that you may have. This means that you retain ultimate control of the experts you work with.

Extra Support Services

We also provide support with cost budgets, upcoming court deadlines and management information, as well as regular reviews by our account and service managers.