The Pagin8 service is unique to the marketplace with three key features based around service, data security and fixed pricing.


Pagin8 is delivered by an experienced team of in house clinical nurses and case handlers. All have been carefully selected for their knowledge, understanding and interpretation of medical records and all of our nurses specialise in different sectors.

Data Security

Data Protection is paramount to Premex+ and the Pagin8 process and we are proud to be accredited with ISO 27001. This level of internationally recognised data protection ensures your client medical records are only handled in the highest of secure environments and never take offsite.


We understand that ensuring costs remain proportionate to your case is essential when paginating medical records. At Pagin8 we have developed four clear pricing bands, with fixed rates, ensuring you can keep track of any costs incurred.


Range of Services

  • Obtain medical records
  • Review existing documents
  • Sort through chronologically
  • Index in an easily accessible manner
  • Analyse if any records are missing
  • Summary and chronology of events

Benefits of Pagin8

  • Fast and efficient service
  • Cost effective
  • Trained in-house team of clinical nurses and analysts  
  • One stop shop for medico-legal requirements
  • Delegation of all pagination services (obtain, sort, etc)
  • Integrate with Premex+ or can be used standalone
  • Attention to detail and accuracy
  • Can action Pagin8 service at any time

To find out more either call 01204 478 320 or email