Nurses’ Corner – Getting Out and About

03 August 2018


Nurses’ Corner – Getting Out and About

Hi and welcome to the second edition of Nurses’ Corner.

The past month or so has been a really busy time for both myself and the team.  We’ve just wrapped up the first conference season of the year and it’s certainly given me plenty of food for thought.

I’m lucky as my job lets me get out from behind my desk and venture into the big wide world of conferences.  So far there have been two conferences that have really stood out…

The APIL Advanced Brain and Spinal Conference (21st – 22nd June) in Leicester and the AVMA Clinical Negligence Conference (29th -30th June) in Brighton. 

The APIL conference actually started with a meet and greet BBQ on Wednesday 20th (It’s not all straight down to business you know). 

Networking isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I find it's a great way of catching up with customers, peers and for slowly slipping into that conference frame of mind. 

The APIL Conference focussed on advanced brain and spinal cord injuries and was a real opportunity to meet existing solicitors and potential new firms. It was also great to see that many of the guest speakers were experts on our Premex+ panel!  I know from personal experience that we have built great relationships with our experts over several years to ensure we have the best and most reputable experts on our panel.  It’s reassuring when you then see those experts headlining conferences and is a great way to catch up!

I attended the AvMA clinical negligence conference as a delegate which was a great opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the latest ‘hot topics’ to bring back to the office.  The CPD points on offer also count towards my nursing revalidation. 

The two key points from the day were about Sepsis and Urogynaecology mesh repair surgery.

As an ex-gynaecology ward nurse, I was really interested in the mesh repair surgery lecture especially with news of NHS England reducing mesh operations after safety concerns (  This was a great opportunity to participate in the discussion and gain an insight into the expert’s thoughts and opinions on this.  It’s definitely a topic to keep your eye on.

The last lecture of the day was from Dr Barbara Philips on sepsis, resuscitation and the NEWS (National Early Warning scores).

The NEWS is designed to help flag up patients who are at risk of becoming acutely unwell as a result of sepsis. The monitoring system comprises of taking routine basic observations, scoring them and then devising an appropriate plan for early intervention.

The guidelines are accessible online.  I would actively encourage you to have a look at them and consider them in your own circumstances as they are not for just for hospital/care environments.

There have been a couple of other news articles that have caught my eye over the past month or so;

Also – for all you experts out there.  Don’t forget about our specialist expert seminars held in conjunction with Bond Solon ( – they definitely aren’t to be missed if you want a deeper understanding of clinical negligence report writing and court room experience.

Until next time – keep safe!