Nurses’ Corner - European Neuro Convention 2019

01 April 2019

Nick Copeland

Hi and welcome to the third edition of Nurses Corner.

What an exciting week last week was for me and the Premex+ team exhibiting at the European Neuro Convention at the NEC in Birmingham. The convention hosted over 3500 spinal and brain experts including neurologists, therapists and physiotherapists looking to uncover information on the latest innovations and practices in the sector.

This was the first time Premex+ has attended an expert driven external event on this scale. Over the 2 days we met with a number of familiar faces and plenty of new experts. There was also a great selection of solicitor firms, some of whom we had not worked with but are looking forward to building exciting new relationships with them.

The event hosted a number of speakers that are at the forefront on their specialisms. One of the speakers was the industry award winning Professor Iris Grunwald who spoke about the implementation of mobile stroke units with Southend Hospital.

Professor Grunwald is the VP of the World Federation for Interventional Stroke Treatment (WIST) and gave a talk about her teams experience in running the 1st Mobile Stroke Unit. The talk spoke about how they fitted a mobile CT scanner to an ambulance to assess stroke victims early in the process to understand if the stroke was caused by a bleed or a clot on the brain.

The mobile stroke unit can help in early diagnosis, which in turn can reduce the length of stay in hospital for stroke victims and secure a better prognosis. The concept and reality was amazing – no delay in treatment which meant a reduction in potential negligence. The technology also reduces the need for some patients to be admitted which is great for both the patients and the hospitals.

It was a fantastic few days being surrounded by experts in their field and pioneering technology which can ultimately saves lives!

Until next time!