Still don't believe us?  Don't just take our word for it.  Here's what our customers have to say about working with us.

  • Tim Walters, Managing Partner, Serious Law

    “I chose to use Premex+ for their impressive expert list and the fact that the service allows me to maintain my own expert relationships. Their favourable payment terms factored heavily into my choice to instruct Premex+ and the robust admin infrastructure provides peace of mind. Premex+ are easy to deal with, have good quality staff at all levels and the team has an excellent reputation. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”

  • Clare Campbell, Partner, Leigh Day

    “From the minute I started working with Premex+, I was impressed with their ability to deal with serious and catastrophic injury cases, as well as other complex cases. Their team are sensitive, efficient and deliver a high level of service. We have been able to retain our expert relationships, whilst taking advantage of the deferred payment terms offered. When required, the team at Premex+ have been able to recruit niche experts to their panel. We are able to trust Premex+ to efficiently obtain medical records and liaise with experts, allowing us to really focus on our clients and their journey. Our customer experience has been truly enhanced by instructing Premex+ and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to other firms of solicitors working in the serious injury industry.”

  • Leticia Williams, Partner, Hodge Jones & Allen

    “Premex+ is an excellent provider of experts and rehabilitation all in one place. They are very professional and provide a quick efficient service. With experts all over the country, Premex+ can be relied up to provide the right expert for the right case and can be counted on to recruit new experts when required. Not only do Premex+ provide first class service, they also offer a deferred payment scheme with helps with cash flow and have a nationally recognised team of industry experts at their disposal. Nothing is too much trouble and they work with us to get the job done. We would recommend Premex+ to anyone who wants an excellent provider of specialist services. They are a great company to work with and their range of fast and efficient services they offer is impressive”

  • Tim Blackwell, Partner, Lester Aldridge

    “I began working with Premex+ in 2011 and chose them because their quality of service delivery is well recognised within the industry. They provide a consistently high level of service, with very good expert coverage. They adhere to SLAs and, overall, their client focus is excellent. In my opinion, there are very few medical agencies that can match Premex+’s level of service.” 

  • Adrian Denson, Chief Legal Officer, Fletchers Solicitors.

    "Premex+ offers a unique service to our serious injury teams; a comprehensive range of expert specialisms (medical and non-medical) not available elsewhere. Premex+ offers the flexibility we need - recruiting and managing experts in a knowledgeable way whilst being relaxed when our lawyers want to work directly with experts when necessary. I have been impressed by the terms offered, that reflect the shelf-life of serious injury cases, which are important for cash flow. The management of Premex+ is extremely customer focused and responsive and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. Premex+ offers a well-managed, comprehensive serious injury offering that is not available elsewhere."


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